The Team

We are a group of people who care deeply for the ocean, recognizing the sea as our heritage, our mother, and the foundation for life. We also recognize the widespread threats facing our planet – Our Blue Canoe. In our search for a new sail plan towards a sustainable future, we travel in the wake of our ancestors, voyaging on double-hulled sailing canoes in a journey across the Pacific named Te Mana O Te Moana, the Spirit of the Sea. Our vaka moana are ambassadors for the sea and represent only one facet of many initiatives to nurture a sustainable Pacific. We share our stories to raise awareness, touch hearts, and inspire unity, empowering a movement for change. It is by merging the values of our ancestors with modern renewable energy that we strive to create a healthy future for children.

We are all crew members on this voyage. There are many changes we can make personally and in our own lives to help protect the ocean. Please join us in our journey, for each individual action becomes woven into a wider web of collective change. We welcome ideas and encourage you to share with us. Your input strengthens us on our shared journey as we navigate, together, towards a sustainable future.


Dieter Paulmann
Founder and Chairman

Magnus Danbolt
General Manager of Operations
Phone: +64 (0)21 167 0560 NZ

Sharon Evans
Finance Director
Phone: +64 9 478 9782 NZ
Mobile: +64 (0)27 280 2222 NZ