Organization of Fish-Exporting Countries

The Organization of Fish Exporting Countries (OFEC) envisions a Pacific where individual islands have sovereignty over their own fishing rights and exclusive economic zones (EEZs). Rights could be repurchased by the islands and leased back to fisherman, with licensing requirements dependent upon sustainable fishing practices.

A very stakeholder-centric solution, fisheries buy back schemes depend heavily on the local context and working with all identified parties, especially the fishermen. Historically, conservation measures were met with disdain, seen by fishermen as a diametrically opposed threat of stripping their livelihoods away. Recently, however, there’s been a measured, deliberate shift of fishermen’s perspectives. Bringing the scientific, conservation, political, and fishermen groups together, fishermen see that making certain areas a no-take zone actually increase yields and profits and have begun working to conserve and protect the marine landscape and to safeguard their livelihoods.