Fossil Fuel Free Energy

The Fossil Fuel Free Energy Production initiative will set an example of the Pacific as the first fossil fuel-free continent on Earth. Our initiatives will reduce the overall dependency of Pacific Island Nations on fossil fuels and supplant fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy that can already be sourced from the islands. We seek to integrate renewable energy into the current electricity infrastructure, building on the impetus that’s already taking place throughout the Pacific.

Many examples exist throughout the Pacific. The state of Hawai’i set the Hawai’i Clean Energy Initiative with a goal of 70% “clean, locally developed renewable energy” by 2030. However, throughout the whole of Hawaii, 90% the island chain still relies on imported fossil fuels – to an annual cost of USD $5.09 billion dollars.

Similarly in a self-declared “ambitious” move, the Cook Islands have professed that with the help of partners, their islands will be run on 50% renewable energy by 2015 and be 100% fossil fuel free by 2020. At the moment, The Cook Islands pay the U.S. $10 million per year for diesel to run their generators. And in perhaps one of the strongest pronouncements for making a stance in the effort to combat climate chance, In November 2012, the tiny island group of Tokelau officially to became the world’s first territory run on 100% renewable energy.